These are interesting times. The church of Jesus Christ is fragmented … fractured … frazzled. In many ways, it’s competing against itself–for what? Our Beloved’s attention?

Much Christian content online is eye candy with seemingly valuable spiritual insights that resemble dead trees with dry leaves. Commentaries are so high-minded that one must be a philosopher to make sense of them. Christian books by popular authors are packaged like products on a department store shelf. Is this what Christ died for?

I’m can’t fix it. Only God can do that. My intent is to go deeper. Take you deeper. Dive deeper into the mysteries of God, not so I can tell you what to think. Or feel. Rather, let’s discover together how to live better lives and be the church God intended us to be.

What If I’m Not a Christian?

No one is born a Christian. We’re either born into Christian families or we’re not.

Being born into a Christian family doesn’t guarantee salvation, ensure one will one live a holy life, or make one more moral, ethical, or Godly. It’s simply a birth status.

The Crux is not just for Jesus followers. It’s also for anyone who wants to understand what it means to follow Christ in the 21st century. Even if you don’t intend to do so yourself.

For you, I plan to be empathetic toward your concerns (after all, I’ve used worn those shoes), non-dogmatic, intellectual (a rarity in church circles today), and realistic. I understand many of the claims of Christ, the Bible, and the church are hard pills to swallow. I understand that there are apparent absurdities (and downright absurdities) in scripture. I won’t gloss over them.

I’m not perfect. You’ll never hear me claim to be “moral,” sinless, righteous, a prophet, or holding a monopoly on the truth. I seek to be humble, but I do believe we can know Truth and that it is objective even if sometimes it appears otherwise. I invite you to take this journey with me.

Statement of Belief

Christianity is going off the rails. Being an orthodox Christian doesn’t make me “conservative,” nor should it.

On the other hand, while liberals challenge some basic assumptions of conservatism (many of them ought to be challenged), to be liberal without Christ is like breathing without lungs.

The historic testimony of scripture extends beyond the boundaries of political labels. Church history didn’t begin at Plymouth Rock. God’s kingdom is not a democracy, nor is it an oligarchy ruled by self-appointed patriarchs. It’s a living, breathing organism that must be culturally flexible without conforming to the arbitrary standards of sinful man.

I believe in Jesus Christ: Born of a virgin, perfect and sinless. Crucified. Buried and raised again. Ascended into heaven. Sits at God’s right hand. Lord of all creation. He is my standard, and He should be yours.

Everything else, let’s discuss it.


Hey, I’m not asking you to believe everything I believe. I’m asking you to lend me your eyes and ears. If I’ve piqued your curiosity, click the button below. I’ll do the rest.


Allen Taylor
Author of I Am Not the King and Cryptosocial: How Cryptocurrencies Are Changing Social Media. Jesus follower and crypto nerd.